The Age of Innocence

A new couture collection for the India Modern bride and groom.

No more are weddings about bright lights, big rooms and thousands of people. This is the year of special moments, of simpler times, of going back to roots to celebrate all that we were and more. It is a return to the age of innocence.

With this collection, the Tarun Tahiliani studio takes a moment to think about the bride of today and what her heart would want. Lightness, joy, comfort and above all…to be herself.

One of the studio’s primary inspirations for this collection was the hidden minakari and its celebrated colours one normally sees in fine Indian jewellery – aquas, shell pinks, pale jades and tea roses. It was the juxtaposition of this inspiration with that of Jaamevars that gave birth to the designer’s new vision for the ‘India Modern’ bride. The studio, in its 25th year, has recreated earlier renditions of the Jaamevaar. This time, they are exquisite pieces where their base has been taken from originally hand-painted motifs done at the studio, and then delicately embroidered by hand.

The same Jaamevar techniques have been reimagined for the groom and done another rendition for the bride. It is an age-old weave, a piece of art once worn by royalty that has come alive in Tarun’s own signature way. Modern fits and silhouettes, lehengas with pockets that weigh almost nothing. This is the designer’s celebration of freedom, lightness and love.

Collection is now available for viewing at our stores, by appointment only. Please contact:- Mansha –9717022332, Rachna—8826566455 for details.